The Love Chronicles, Crimes against Americans

Posted: July 9, 2011 in Health and wellness
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Dear state Senator,
I believe there are war crimes being committed against citizens of the United States, and some of them by entities right here in the USA! I will give you an example of one such crime.
Civilians who work for companies in war zones in support of U.S. troops are guaranteed under the Defense Base Act of 1941 to be supplied medical and disability insurance. This supposes that the insurance company selected and paid premiums to will actually perform said services. This is not the case, and it is not the case for almost all Civilian casualties who work or worked for private contractors in combat areas in support of our troops. Case in point, a Spokane area woman who worked for what was then called Blackwater as a helicopter mechanic was wounded with other soldiers and civilian workers when a mortar exploded just yards from where she was standing. She suffers from traumatic brain injury; the therapy which was recommended by eight different physicians and psychiatrists was denied her. The denial was based on one man’s opinion, a Doctor who was selected by the insurance company, Chartis WorldSource, he decided she was experiencing all of this pain, tremors, migraines, seizures, memory loss, and problems with her balance all in her head and that there was no physical trauma! He made this decision without ever examining this poor women. You and I both know he came to the conclusion he was paid to come to. A nurse was also hired by Chartis to go and evaluate the patient. She met with the patient six times; her report was the same as the other eight professionals before her, which was that this condition was from physical damage, not a mental or psychiatric one. She was terminated and her report was not used! From what I have been able to determine, this kind of rampant disregard is the status quo, not the isolated incident.
The War Hazards Compensation Act reimburses the employer or insurer for injuries or death to a worker caused by an act of war. The federal government has paid more to insurers for expenses than they have paid out in compensation under this act. So not do they only get paid back for their expenses, insurance companies have collected 1.5 billion in premiums while only paying out 900 million in compensation and expenses combined. This is according to a congressional investigation that took place in 2009. So the government is aware of what is happening to these people, aware of the federal laws and Acts which pertain to this dilemma. So my question is, do you not think that this represents a war crime perpetrated on a citizen of the these United States, and furthermore, does your inaction to force these companies to adhere to the letter as well as the intent of what they were paid to do makes you complicit. The profits are staggering, and all paid by you and me, so an even greater crime in my book, a crime you are partially responsible for as the person who is supposed to be looking out for me and those of us who cannot fight big companies or big government, which is a description of your job.
I would appreciate a response detailing just what you have done or are going to do to help this woman and those like her. I would appreciate a real response, not the canned variety I have gotten in the past. This is something you need to put your hands on, it is shameful. It is exactly the same tactic the Veterans Administration and the military tried when this type of injury first started to be prevalent among our fighting men and women. The only reason they finally changed directions and started to give some help was because families hocked their futures to get private care which in almost all cases vastly improved the lives of the individuals involved and shamed the Veterans Administration to stop telling the lie and start actually helping the people they were supposedly sworn to help.

Information from: The Spokesman-Review,
Also opinions formulated in my own mind, and in any mind that has an honest respect for the truth!


John Love

  1. Terry Wilson says:

    rite on the nails head john. to bad nothing will come of it, becose corpret america ones the government not you & I. but every little dig helps.

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