I am a former Marine, Vietnam Vet, two tours. Spent four years in the Corps. In Nam I was a Sgt in charge of combat crews maintaining the flight status of EA6A Grumman Intruders, computer warfare aircraft. Specifically I was an Avionics Electrician. I spent the next 30 yrs working for one company as certified master mechanic and shop foreman. I was a licenced unlimited test and repair tech. I was also a certified Delco Tech, which just means I had a lot of schooling in automotive computer, fuel injection, ABS, and advanced engine performance systems. That owner retired and sold off the property and equip. I was hired by South Coast Bobcat as Service Manager, third largest company of its kind in the USA.  Also performed dual role as shop foreman when needed. I retired still working for that company. I am now writing a novel, trying to fix my house up, and writing blogs about stuff that—-well you know!

  1. K.Hardiman says:

    I like your writting John . Oscar What gendre is your novel ?

    • John Love says:

      Sci fi, still in development stage, I am editing and doing rewrites on the first 30 chapters and 600 pages. I had to transfer the novel from my Word, to Word for Mac, it did not like the transition as the novel was started on an old version of word. So it is forcing me to do a line by line reread, edit and rewrite, which I find it really needs. Drue asked me for a copy a year or so ago, not sure how many pages she has but your welcome to read what I had so far, or when I finish this edit I will give you what I have, it is not done by any means, and some sections need some serious rewrite, but I like it! Do I have your email Oscar, if not mine is john.love@live.com.

  2. ebpinkus says:

    John, I noticed your comment on the circles in the sky blog regarding the Palestine – Israeli conflict. You expressed many of my feelings, in an open, honest, non-incendiary fashion. So I thought I would check out your blog. So far your writing seems thoughtful and engaging to me. Thank your thoughts!
    from Ellen p.

    • John Love says:

      Ellen, thank you. My blogs, usually, are created in a mood of disgust or discontent, so not sure just how thoughtful they really are. I have come across blogs that point out my deficiencies as a writer. I also experience that same feeling when I read a good piece of fiction, then take a look at what I am trying to create and become a little depressed that I do not have the talent I have just witnessed, but I do enjoy the attempt. A novel I am attempting to write is more of a hobby than anything I think will ever be published, but it seems to calm the inner turmoil, so I write whenever I want to lose myself for a while. I do enjoy the contact blogging gives me in seeing opinions by John and Jane Doe that have not been edited and skewed by major news outlets. I have also learned that I am not as educated in world affairs as I should be, but this medium also offers insights that allow me to learn, slowly, but at my age everything is slower than it used to be!

  3. John Maddox says:

    John – Got to VMCJ-1 Det-101 as aPFC in 1972 and experienced a majority of what you say in your stories and was there when we “Closed ‘Nam” and returned to the PI. I refused to re-up for a chance to go aboard the Midway, so I waited until I rotated stateside and re-upped.

  4. John Maddox says:

    Forgot to mention, I was able to reference your stories as ONE piece of evidence that I in fact served “in country”. I batted V.A. for 9 years and just recently received word that I “won” my case retro to 2007. It was GOOD to find your story and relate to everything you said. I have been unable to find ANYONE who I served with from April ’72 thru March ’73.


    • John Love says:

      I left in 1972, not sure of the month, the CO gave me and another Sgt open orders to Japan. So we hung out there for while and would go into disbursing with our orders and draw pay, then went home after about 40 days and took another 30 in leave. I checked into J3, got out in May of 73.

  5. Paul Kay says:

    Hi John,
    Just stumbled onto your site. I was in Det 101 from January to May 1973 working in the ECM shop. Three of us got TAD orders from El Toro, including instructions to travel in civilian clothes. I made meritorious CPL while I was there. Just thought I’d say hi.
    J Paul Kay

  6. David Steele says:

    Hi Mr. Love.
    My name is David Steele and i have been writing a book entitled Cameraman for the last four years. If you would email me at dsteele0425@gmail.com i would love to speak with you.
    David Steele

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