The Love Chronicles, The Crime in American Politics

Posted: June 10, 2011 in News and politics

The Crime in American Politics
By John Love

Outed CIA operative Valerie Plame Wilson and her husband, former ambassador Joe Wilson, had their careers and lives ruined because they told the truth while the Bush administration was trying to convince the American people to let it go to war against Saddam Hussein and Iraq.
In Bush’s State of the Union address, he misrepresented, no he just made stuff up about weapons of mass destruction, about buying yellow cake, about rods, uranium, hell it was all a lie. Then they had the brass to lay it all on the CIA when they did not find anything. This after an investigation by Valerie Plame of the CIA which came to the conclusion the rods were not designed for use in uranium enrichment, but were rocket tubes, that the science team that was working on WMD’s had been disbanded after the plants and factories had been carpet bombed into dust in our first attacks on Irag! Her husband, who had many contacts in Africa, where the yellow cake and other black market uranium enrichment products were supposed to have come from, was asked by the CIA to go on a fact finding mission. He came to the conclusion that no such transactions had taken place. This was not what President Bush wanted to hear. You can say what you will, blame who you will, Libby, Rove, Cheney, any number of people, but I am saying that Valerie Plame Wilsons being outed as a CIA operative, and then the lack of CIA protection or backing after, all of it came about at the behest of President Bush. Our government destroyed two people’s lives, put them in physical jeopardy, got people executed or worse overseas who were associated with Valerie Plame, all because their reports did not back up the lie they needed to go to war! The CIA even refused to protect one of their own because her superiors were afraid to do anything that might get them under the same microscope from the White House as Valerie Plame Wilson, who had been a valued and valuable asset for twenty years, but who now had become an ineffective agent overnight!
The Wilsons were forced to leave their lives, move far away, as their lives are still in danger and protection never given. All of their attempts to get satisfaction through the courts were blocked, even by a refusal by the upper courts to even consider the case.
According to a statement issued by CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington), the Supreme Court decision brings “the case to a close.” In a statement, Melanie Sloan, the CREW executive director responded to the ruling as follows:
“The Wilsons and their counsel are disappointed by the Supreme Court’s refusal to hear the case, but more significantly, this is a setback for our democracy. This decision means that government officials can abuse their power for political purposes without fear of repercussion. Private Citizens like the Wilsons, who see their careers destroyed and their lives placed in jeopardy by administration officials seeking to score political points and silence opposition, have no recourse.”

So in conclusion, I believe that we went to war because two men, a father and a son, had a hatred for another man, and abused the power they had been entrusted with in order to pursue that hatred. This means that the lives lost in Iraq were lost based on lies and falsehoods. That a very large portion of the debt this nation has accrued is a direct result of those lies and falsehoods. I say that big government, big business, and a controlled media all conspired to start a war based on facts they knew to be untrue long before they ever told us they were the so called facts. I believe that they should have been held accountable, but they never will be. An article was just pointed out to me by a friend that appeared in Rolling Stone, describing Fox News and its biased reporting which was controlled by memos from the top instructing them how to present news that would favor Bush on this issue, as one example. Free speech isn’t free, just still possible, barely!

Source for article:, other links provided at above source
Rolling Stone Magazine–JUNE 9,2011 issue, page 64-65

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