The Menace

Posted: October 13, 2022 in News and politics
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Yes, I am talking about Donald Trump! The January six insurrection and what we now know. The big lie about the last Presidential election. The people the man idolizes; Putin, Kim Jong-un, Alex Jones, to name a few he has publicly fawned over! 

The secret documents debacle! The fact that he had them at all or that we now know he moved them after receiving a subpoena to give them up! The fact that he said publicly that he owned them or that he declassified them with his mind should give any sane person pause. 

The women, do I need to mention the dozens of women he has sexually molested? Again! One or two against a rich man, ok, maybe they are motivated by money. But when the numbers reach 26 as they do in Trump’s case, some for actual rape, one of a tender age! Then you have to start to take these allegations seriously. If you do not, then there is something seriously wrong!

How about the fact that he hides his grades from the public! Or why he had to go to a military school. It was because he got kicked out of private school for grades and being a bully to younger kids! Look it up. The military school was not known for scholastics but more as a place to put incorrigibles. He was turned down because of his grades when he applied to Wharton. His brother pulled strings, in that case, to get him in. Even then, one of his professors said he was the most ignorant person he had ever seen in his class. Ill-prepared and arrogant! 

It is almost a certainty the man is a crook. He has is accused of overvaluing property to access loans, then undervaluing them to the IRS for taxes. He has been in court many times for non-payment to contractors for work done! His major scam was to threaten to take them to court so they would agree to take pennies on the dollar as they could not afford to fight him in court!

Racism! Well, it is documented that people of color had to remove themselves from his casino when he and his wife would visit. He has made public remarks overheard by many about people of color, brown, black, red, and Jewish people. He has been sued more than once by the federal govt for his racist policies selling and renting properties! 

The man is a habitual liar. Anything he thinks should have been bigger, grander, or just more, he claims it was. It is estimated that he has told over 30,000 lies in four years! So even if we cut that in half, still a bucket full by any standard! Commentators and fact-checkers have described the scale of his deceit as “unprecedented” in American politics. The consistency of these falsehoods became a distinctive part of his business and political identity! 

I know you have heard most of this from me before. But there is an election coming up. We need to stand up for decency, yes, democracy itself, in the upcoming elections. Against anyone who supports such a person, against anyone who does not see the evil for what it is, for anyone who does not recognize in history who and what this man resembles! 

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