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So, what do the Clintons, the Obamas, Eric Holder, Maxine Waters, George Soros, John Brennan, CNN, and Debbie Wasserman all have in common? They are all on Trump’s hit list! He attacks people, calls them names, says they are the enemy of America, that they have a low IQ, and congratulates attacks on reporters! He cheerleads his followers in chants against all these people and reporters, especially CNN! Trump is at the center of this current threat to people’s lives and the bombs sent to intimate, harm, and possibly kill people!

Reporters across the globe are being threatened, and yes killed. The people on Trump’s hit list have been receiving an increasing amount of threats since Trump has taken upon himself to foment hate in a public forum. He is the President of the United States, he is heard by millions at his many, many, pep rallies. Now figure out how many crazy unstable people per million are out there, this current threat was a foregone conclusion.

So if you are a Republican, a conservative, you may dislike, maybe even hate the people that appear in the first paragraph, Trump’s hit list, but do you honestly believe they should live under threat and get bombs delivered to them? Do you believe a President should cheerlead millions of people in hateful rhetoric, or should he instead be asking everyone to act with moderation?  The latter of course, but is that what Trump has done, you and I both know that he did not. He has preached fear, played a blame game, and has been a cheerleader for violence every chance he gets. Praised a body slamming GOP candidate, offered to pay any court costs if people beat up people who disagree, and named names when he called them low IQ, horrible dangerous people, fake and dangerous enemies of the U.S.

This is a guy [Trump] who has tried to tell you that we will lose 40,000 jobs if we lose an arms deal with Saudi Arabia, then the next day it was 100,000, then 500,000 a few days later, and finally he upped it to a million! He has tried to get you to believe that immigrants fleeing for their lives, or at least from starvation and threat are somehow mostly Democrats coming here to vote illegally and be given new luxury cars by the liberals. Oh yeah, they have whole phalanxes of ISIS operatives amongst them. He has no way of knowing this, as the FBI or even CIA are not allowed to investigate without permission of the foreign countries involved. Plus these claims are ludicrous to anyone with any common sense or knowledge of why these people left their homelands in the first place. The same is true of Trump’s claim that he has investigators on the ground solving the Khashoggi assassination in Turkey. The FBI has already said they have not gotten any such authorization! These are just more daily lies that Trump tells every day!

A President, by the way, who at this point in time has not reached out to either former Presidents of these United States about this latest threat on their lives! He might later because he has been told he needs to, but I guaranty he will not think to do so on his own. He never even mentioned the people threatened in his statement earlier today, and it was plain he was just reading a statement that had been prepared for him!

A united front from both sides of the aisle in Congress should at least censure the President for the hateful rhetoric he spews at every opportunity because he is the point of the spear, he is directly responsible!

I am going to talk to you through my blog about Trump and the Iran deal! You, of course, do not have to read it, but I hope you do.

Mr. Trump just pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal. He lied about why, and he lied about our allies backing his decision!

The newly uncovered facts in Israel’s PowerPoint presentation last week provided us with very little information we did not know back in 2008!  A large trove of information that was just liberated by an Israeli agent working with an undercover person in Iran did elaborate on plans that were even more elaborate, but again, this is not something we did not either know or suspect. But if you watched the Trump news conference you were led to believe this was all new and ongoing! It is not the real truth!

The International Atomic Energy Agency, our own CIA, and our Energy Dept. have all said that Iran is currently following all the rules of the agreement. Almost all of the fissionable material that could be used to make a nuclear bomb has already been moved out of the country.  All of our Allies have begged Trump to stay in the deal, but as you know he did not. However, in his remarks today he made it seem like they were all on board and agreed with his decision, which is exactly the opposite of the truth! Even the original opposition to the agreement have all said that it is working so do not mess with it! Trump ignored everyone, fired those close to him who were telling him this was wrong, and filled it with yes men who will tell him what he wants to hear. He has put our Allies and us in way more danger.

He is going to try and set a nuclear deal with North Korea when he just pulled out of an international nuclear agreement just today! So how is that going to set with an already suspicious regime! Not well, cannot but make things more difficult!

Trump is right about them being a major supporter of terror, but everyone knows this. They also still plan and build missiles. Everyone also knows this. But everyone, all our partners on the world stage, knew we could only go after nuclear bomb developments and get a deal. This would give us 15 years without a nuclear bomb threat while we try and make inroads with them for peace in the region.

So lastly, not only did our Allies not agree, Trump basically threatened them all to go along or else! He has put them and us in more danger than we were in yesterday! We will see how that goes! Peace and stability, well he just shot that all to hell!

Foreign Students Afraid

John Kerry recently stated that foreign students are afraid of gun violence in the U.S. and so are coming in fewer numbers as a result. The article I read was not very good at nailing down any point he was trying to make, but as he is aligned with president Obama, you can predict with a certain amount of certainty that he is talking about the need for gun legislation. Legislation aimed at curtailing certain firearms and their accessories. I will examine a couple of subjects today. One will be about my opinions on gun control, and secondly, the real reason behind fears of foreign students who are considering an American education, which has several parts, the least of which is the actual guns themselves!

First I firmly believe that the second amendment does in actuality guaranty our right to possess and bear arms. I think that all states should adopt gun regulations similar to Idaho. In Idaho, for example, if you apply for a license to carry, you are guaranteed the permit within 90 days. Now this is of course if you are not a convicted felon. You do not have to prove special circumstances however. Even so, as long as you carry in the open, and adhere to local statutes, such as weapons not being loaded inside city limits, you do not have to even have a permit.

I also do believe however, that anyone buying a gun, or wanting a carry permit, should be required to go through a mandated background check for criminal record, mental status, and the like. Sure, career criminals will find ways to acquire guns and bypass this process, but that does not mean it is not invaluable in keeping documented loonies from getting a gun. It has been argued that most guns used in mass killings have been purchased legally. I am sure that is true, but why all the fuss over registering your weapon or submitting to background checks. I have relatives that will tell you that is the first step to the government taking them away from you. I do not believe this is even possible. Say they show up, you tell them you were crossing a stream up in Hell Bent for Leather country, lost your footing and had to ditch all you weapons in order not to drown! There is squat they can do as long as you use your brain housing group for more than a hat rack! There are so many weapons all ready out there, that the gov’t getting them is not going to happen.

Second argument is so we can fight back if the gov’t goes south and we need to protect ourselves. Well, if the gov’t ever went so far over the deep end that we need to start an armed conflict, I don’t care how many assault weapons, fully automatic machine guns and the like you own, you will lose against a drone attack, or maybe a heavily armed F18, or even a few missiles coming your way, and you haven’t even had an enemy you could shoot at yet, and your just an ash heap.  We do need to keep our right to bear and own arms, but to register and be checked out to see who and what we might be in relation to our mental health or our criminal record before we can buy, no problem with that. I believe every citizen should have the right to carry, and my next section will tell you why.

The second point I would like to make is the real reason that not only foreigners but also we at home fear violence in our country. It has nothing to do with our gun ownership or our rights under the 2nd amendment. Gun violence has gone up in countries like the United Kingdom after it deprived the public of most of their gun rights. The criminal element had no problems getting them however, thus the populace was made even more vulnerable, and there are statistics to back that up! The real reason is that gangs in America are responsible for the overwhelming majority of gun violence. They are actively engaged in prostitution, slavery, illegal gun trade, drugs, illegal gambling, and are even organized across state lines and borders! They should be classified as terrorists and hunted and prosecuted as such. This is the prime reason we are not safe in America. If I, a white man, was to walk the streets, day or night, but especially at night in certain areas of Compton or Watts, my chances of being alive would not be good. At the very least robbed and or hospitalized.  This is not politically correct, but it is accurate. I have personally been in these areas and barely survived. I was lost at the time; I was not looking for trouble. I will not admit to anything in this blog, but there was a reason I escaped unharmed, and damn lucky I was armed with that reason.

Now I used the examples I did because I had personal experiences there. But I am not picking on any particular race. Gangs exist in all ethnicities. Yep whites are an ethnicity and not exempt. Some of the most heinous and worst examples of gang violence and organized crime come from white gangs. So again I reiterate, gangs should classified as terrorists and pursued as such.

Just one last thought, who and why did gangs become so prevalent. The reasons are as diverse as the gangs themselves. But one overriding reason does come to mind, the American public! Yes, you, me, everyone! If you look back to the not so distant past, where the gangs are most prevalent there used to be Spartan neighborhoods, the inhabitants wanting nothing more than education and career opportunities. But affluent America did not want certain segments to live in their neighborhoods, or go to their schools, or even work alongside them. So gradually neighborhoods of people began to emerge that had disillusioned populations about any chance or change. This in turn caused an increase in alcohol and drug use as an escape from the depression this caused. Naturally crime became a way to earn a living when nothing else seemed available except as an underpaid menial laborer or other subservient job.  These gangs became more sophisticated, more violent, and more daring as they discovered that a lot of what they did would be overlooked as long as they had the sense to stay out of affluent neighborhoods except to supply them with the fruits of their endeavor, drugs and prostitution being the most prevalent. As I stated gangs are as varied as the makeup of the American citizens themselves. Some gangs actually immigrated here, already fully functioning and organized from abroad! Some are more vicious than our homegrown versions and some are as well organized as any well-oiled business organization. This is why they have to be recognized as terrorist organizations and the federal govt. needs to back up local law enforcement in cleaning up these terrorist cells.  I think we as a nation are starting to understand that racial diversity is our strength, and not a reason to segregate. We still have a long way to go, regardless of what laws are on the books; we still have rampant racial prejudice in this country that we need to deal with. All of it tied together with a poorly administered welfare system. Education, real education of every child is the answer. Just like in Iran and Afghanistan, the biggest reason for the attitudes and abiding terrorism is the uneducated masses. Well it is no different here. Until we stop using our schools as a way to house students during the day instead of educating them, we will never get ahead of this problem.  Schools have to be our biggest weapon against welfare, gangs, unemployment, and poverty. Education cannot be the first thing you cut because big business told you not to bother them or no contribution will be forthcoming and you will not be reelected.  Education, education, education, in case you didn’t get it, education not gun control! We need to get our priorities straight, and forthwith, if I might use a Middle English terminology.