Year 2022

Posted: January 4, 2022 in Uncategorized

Covid-19 and the variants that have erupted all over the globe I would rate as #1 in disasters that occurred last year, among many, some of which I will elaborate on in this blog! One of the worst things associated with covid-19 is the misinformation that has primarily been championed by those in the GOP! One example is Twitter has permanently suspended the personal account of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), saying last Sunday that the congresswoman repeatedly violated the company’s covid-19 misinformation policy. Her account has been frozen temporarily a couple of times for spreading falsehoods about covid-19! She has claimed that covid is not dangerous to anyone under the age of 65 who is not obese! The last claim that got her permanently banned from Twitter was her claim that the vaccine kills, in large numbers, those that took it! There is no study and no reports that any such thing has ever happened anywhere, she made it up! She claims that Twitter, among others, is an evil organization that is dangerous to America. She and others like her are the real danger!

So we enter another year! Let’s hope it is better than the last, yes?

Next on my list is the non-existent voter fraud, and the voter rights suppression going on in GOP-controlled states. Voter fraud has been investigated extensively, mostly at the behest of Trump! He cannot accept he lost, as his mental impairment will not allow such a thought to occur! Even in states that favored Trump, like Arizona, for example, every recount actually found even more votes for Joe Biden! Even his own man Attorney General Barr stated there was no voter fraud, yet Trump to this day is still trumpeting that message and is believed by millions even when all the evidence by every investigation says otherwise. This, to me, says a lot about Americans and who we are as a nation! I am a Marine Sgt who served two tours in Nam, which does not make me a patriot, but it does give me the right to be angry when my fellow Americans cannot tell when a lie is being fomented for political gain, and yes, power! Especially when their leader, Trump, is a proven liar, an abuser of women bragged about from his own lips! Do I need to mention the 26 women who have accused him of sexual assault? Or that he will not allow his academic grades to be released!  If he is a genius as he claims, why would he not want that?  He also does not want his taxes examined, and I say, for the same reason he does not want his grades looked at! They would reveal he is hiding the truth, in this case his criminal activity, as some already have! Lastly, and I will shut up about Trump, he is a racist, and again condemned by his own remarks. A long list, including being sued by the federal govt. for discrimination against people of color in his own business dealings! Twice!

We have a whole section of our population that has always been racist, but now they think they can be open and in your face about it. You only need to look at GOP re-districting and recent laws passed to see who benefits. It is never anyone with any kind of color to his or her skin other than white! I said I would not mention a certain person again, so anyone who does not know who fanned the flames must live in a cave, in the dark, blaming any and all immigrants for his or her plight!

I was born in a hospital in Hollywood, lived in Beverley Hills at the time as Dad worked for Hollywood Technicolor Corp. But he died when I was very young, mom made some really bad decisions about men, and I wound up in Idaho picking pretty much anything that grew in a field or in a tree. So, most of my younger life I spent in Idaho. I had run away just before my 12th birthday. Spent a couple of years with an evangelical family, then made plans to get the hell out of there. A teacher from Council who knew about me convinced me not to try taking off on my own, that she was working on getting me and my sister, who was with a different evangelical family, into her custody. So I spent my formative years in Idaho and I can still see bullshit walking and talking! I am still talking about he who cannot be named! My point is, I love the people from my Idaho hometown. I disagree with some politically, but as I know them to be people who would give you the shirt off of their back if you did not have one and they had a spare! So it is not a good versus bad situation. It is a bad information situation. I am convinced of this. I watch Fox News all the time, just so I can investigate if what they say is true. Now I am not talking about listening to some other station or talking head. I am talking about live footage from a meeting, a live conversation, or watching C-SPAN, to see a live accounting. Fox News lies, all the time. And it is very popular where I come from! They supported the Pizza Gate fiasco where supposedly Hillary Clinton was selling young girls out of the basement of a pizza business. Info Wars and Alex Jones jumped on that, claiming to have proof, and a young man shot up a pizza joint where this was supposedly happening, but realized their were no girls, as a matter of fact, no basement! All too many people believed this. Currently those same people also believe that covid-19 and the variants are some kind of scam by a cabal of the far left. That the vaccines are killing people in large numbers, that it is no worse than a cold, and the vaccines were manufactured to put microchips in our bodies to control or spy on us. You say, but I did not believe that, but way to many of your neighbors did and you said nothing!

Violence, it has always been a problem, but it is growing in intensity by leaps and bounds. A person we all know, a person who cannot be named, championed violence from his bully pulpit! You can find instances of this in live video easily; you do not have to take my word! White Supremacy was given legitimacy, encouraged to riot, and even attack our capital. Of course, certain GOP members claimed that it was BLM and Antifa radicals claiming to be white power groups like the Proud Boys, the Oath Keepers, and QAnon! When the Justice Dept and the FBI found proof that these aforementioned groups were actually the real culprits, then certain prominent GOP members claimed they were being persecuted and were just exercising their rights, no matter that they destroyed property inside the White House, attacked and even killed police!

I say we need to open our eyes, forget politics and start using our brain-housing group for more than just a hat rack. You cannot, in the name of Christianity, condone murder, attacks on women, racism, and hatred of groups, unlike yourselves. If you do, then you are no better than the radicals who have corrupted the Quran for power and extremism. Evil is evil in any guise!

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