A Little Honesty Here

Posted: June 5, 2022 in Uncategorized

I am going to try a little honesty here! I grew up all over the western United States. Lived in an affluent Beverly Hills location when my father was healthy and working for Hollywood Technicolor Corp. When he got sick and was hospitalized we moved to a one-bedroom in Venice just off the canals. When my stepfather came into the picture I was basically a migrant worker. Picked all kinds of crops all over California, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. Never went to school during that time! I finally found a home in Council Idaho at 14 after having run away from my stepfather and mother when I was 11, never to return! But that is another really strange story. I had a run of good luck in Council! Rescued by a teacher there, and then later taken in by the town Doctor and his family.

I ran out of money in college, there was a draft on, so joined the Marines for more years than required after taking some tests and being guaranteed aviation training. I wound up doing two tours in Nam and other Westpac locations as a result. So my point is, I probably did choose the Marines due to small-town Idaho patriotism! But my time in Nam had nothing to do with patriotism. I did love my job working out of the Aviation Electric Shop on a computer warfare bird. But my main goal was to stay alive and keep my crew alive as I was a Sgt for most of my time in Nam, and that is about it. I never really gave a whole lot of thought about how patriotic it was! I had seen things that did not make me all that proud by this time! I will always be a Marine, but with a final secret clearance, I was privy to things we did that were not the flag-waving patriotic things I had come to expect. I got spit on at the San Francisco airport in full uniform upon my return! I almost lost it were it not for a couple sailors who calmed me down. But after reflection, no one owes me anything for serving as far as the American people go! But I think a house and an education were the least the government should have been responsible to supply to any combat veteran. I am not talking about a VA loan or help with the cost of education. I am talking about absolutely free of charge! But that is just me and my opinion talking!

But I digress. Flag-waving is fine in some circumstances! But we as a nation have been at war for 225 of the 243 years since its inception in 1776! And I hate to burst any bubbles here, but it was only rarely to free a subjugated people in need! No, mostly it was a fight for power, oil, and other resources we thought we needed to have to keep us in global power! So when you exercise your right to vote, your only real power, know your history, the real history, and make your vote count for something.

Our education rating among the top nations is absolutely horrendous! A large segment of Americans distrusts science and education! That, my friends, will be our downfall! I will not go into how we here in the U.S. actually spend way more on healthcare than nations who provide it as a service to their citizens! A fight for another blog!

So we need to get back to actually educating our youth to compete in the world of tomorrow. And just as important, the truth in media should be a law, with punishment meted out for even distorting the truth. And when it is a mistake, fine, but it should be corrected on the front page, so to speak, where the disinformation was disseminated in the first place!

John love

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