A Letter to my Senators

Posted: January 6, 2011 in News and politics


January 6, 2011

Dear California State Senators;

I am writing to remind you that there is a large voting block of baby boomers out there who have some very serious concerns, I am one of the afore mentioned boomers. It is true that we are all coming of an age to draw on Social Security. It is also true that you, yes both of you, have gone along with the standard response that because of that fact, funding may have to be curtailed. You also state that Social Security will run out of funds altogether in the near future. Well, that is true as far as it goes, but is the same as a lie when you only tell half the truth, which is all those statements are. You need to also admit, publicly, that the same swell of baby boomers ageing into the Social Security system is the same swell of taxpayers that have been paying into it and creating a huge surplus in the fund. A surplus, and then some, that was borrowed by the federal government by issuing bonds payable to the fund. It is those bonds that are coming due that the government cannot afford to pay back. We the people, the very ones you represent, do not want to be the ones to pay for the mismanagement of the fund by our previous so called representatives. We expect you, who are duly sworn to represent us, the people, not your party, not your backers, but what we the people want. It is your job, the only one you are supposed to be doing. I am not saying you are not, but I would like to hear one politician stand up and report the whole story, not the one your cronies or your party want. I need my Social Security. I have been paying into it since I was around 14, and I have been working ever since. We could not live on Social Security alone, what I will receive would not pay rent in So. Cal., never mind food, insurance, drugs, utilities, clothes, and all of the rest of the cost of living. Even so, if my wife and I do not die at exactly the same time, the other one is in dire trouble. I know you do not think so, but most of your constituency is in the same boat. We did not save enough, we lived from pay check to pay check our whole lives. I worked as a mechanic/foreman for the same entity for 30 years, but there was no insurance, no 401k, or anything else besides a basic wage. I did manage to put some away, I was not a complete idiot, but it will go quickly. Most of it already was used to make sure my daughter, who is now a teacher was able to get her Masters. So now, I depend on you to look out for what is left of my life.

Point number two. A lot of us think that our representatives need to find a way to make it unconstitutional for the federal govt. to spend more money than they take in. The debt has gone ballistic, and will be a sore spot for possibly generations. The first thing on the block is Social Security and Medicare, because they cost the most. I do not think you should allow us to die before our time from lack of medical care or basic living conditions. In short, I do not think you should kill Americans by curtailing our services so that you can afford to kill foreigners you don’t like. Sticky wicket you say, of course it is. You have to find a way to go after and defeat terrorists, I get that. I think we are going to have to do it without trying to tame whole countries however. We are going to have to train a military force that is very well trained technically and equipped to perform surgical strikes against terrorists regardless of where they are, and we are going to have to do it in places where we are not going to get the cooperation or permission from the country we find them in. Both the country we have just fought a war in, and the country we are now concentrating on will backslide as soon as we leave. A waste of money and resources. We will have to prop them up forever, using the money and resources needed to house, feed, and care for people right here. I know I am not telling you anything you don’t know. What I am saying is that you need to get in touch with who we really are. We are not as well off as you might think, and a visit once or twice a year to make it look like you care, but still spouting the same half truths will not get it anymore. I hear a lot of talk about just voting out incumbents as a matter course until someone starts to get the message that you do not represent a political party or any certain groups of individuals. You cannot just do what perpetrates you and your party’s continued existence, as hard as that is.

You will have to figure out a way to tax the rich and the poor, fairly. I don’t think certain oil companies need to make billions in profits per reporting period. You can do it if your honest about what needs to be done without worrying about anyone but we the people or who you are going to alienate in the process. Just my humble opinion.


John Love

  1. James Mahon says:

    I love it that you and I are both getting active concerning grass roots politics. I have spent my life with my head buried in the sand thinking that nothing I did can make a difference so why try; it will just make me frustrated when nothing I do matters. However, as I once heard somewhere, If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Who knows, maybe we can be the butterfly dying in the forest that changes the whole world.

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