The Continuing Fraud of our Politicians

Posted: December 4, 2010 in News and politics

Hi everyone, I could have written another blog, but only Jim would have read it, so I am going to inflict myself on you by email and the blog. The politicians are messing with servicemen and social security again. They are planning to reduce retirement benefits for both. Not touching theirs, by the way! The baby boomers are here and drawing out a lot more money from social security right now, but we were also here for the last 65 odd years paying into the social security fund in the same larger numbers. It has nothing to with baby boomers. When all the boomers were of working age and paying into the fund it had a trillion dollar surplus, yeah, I said trillion!  The feds took from the fund to get the post office out of the red, more than once. They “borrowed” money from it to pay down the national debt just before an election year, more than once, and even more robberies, fraud, and theft by the federal government took place! None of which it paid back! Social Security did not go broke, it is the victim of theft and fraud by the very politicians who now want to steal from us again. If I had all the money I have put into it, plus interest, I would be a multi-millionaire and so would you. The feds reaped all the benefits, now that it’s time to pay the piper, they are putting on the masks and hoods and will rob us again if we let them! Actually they issued special Treasury bonds as collateral, which are due to  be paid back to Social Security starting in 2018, which they now can’t afford to do!  Of course they are not telling you that,  they just keep talking about the baby boomers.  Social Security has generated a surplus of over 1.5 Trillion Dollars, all of which has been “borrowed”  by the federal govt. Write your congressman, tell them what you think!

Medicare is also on the chopping block because it is a huge chunk of the federal budget. I can’t make the claim that it is money owed us that we have paid in, so harder to defend. I just know that you wind up living on a fixed income about the same time your body starts demanding some attention. Doctors and drugs cost way more than most of us can afford to pay, even with medical insurance. Insurance we will not be able to afford on the pittance they pay even now, forget about reduced benefits. I am a former Marine, so I support servicemen 100%. What I can’t support is two wars if it means I have to live in the streets and die early because they need my monthly income to pay down the huge debt they are building up. Both Afghanistan and Iraq will revert to type in a year, two tops, after we pull out. Sorry, but that is a most likely scenario. I think we have to quit fighting wars for other countries, and just fight terrorism itself. I know, I know, your going to say that we have to get rid of the regimes that support the terrorists. That is true, but since everyone hates us anyway, I say quit fighting wars we can’t win in the long run, at least without a presence in those countries for at least two generations! Go for the terrorists wherever they are, I mean in force in whatever countries, cave ,or luxory resort we think they are hanging out in. I mean we don’t ask permission, we go wherever we know them to be and kill or arrest them. Might have to play a different tune in countries who can kick our behinds with a few well placed nukes, (Thinking of Russia, not North Korea), but after they see how effective we can be against terrorism I think they will join the cause, once we stop pretending that some countries are our allies who are not. I mean come on, Pakistan actively gives support and lodging to a multitude of terrorist. Meanwhile they accept huge amounts of money from us to help combat terrorism, smiling at us like little children as they pass it on to, guess who?

I know there are lots of holes in this theory, but at least it would free up money at home. We have our own starving and homeless children. We have gangs that control parts of our largest cities, elderly living on scraps, people dying unnecessarily from either medical abuse at the hands of accountants, or no medical treatment at all. We should be ashamed that any of this happens in America. Treat gangs as terrorists and make it a national priority.  Social Security has been pre-paid by most Americans, it is money owed us that we are already not being paid back at an equitable rate! Politicians keep claiming that we are running out of money to fund it because of us baby boomers. As I pointed out, we also paid into it at the same increased rate. Now if you want to support legislation that gives Americans the same health care as politicians have given themselves, or taking away  pensions for as little as one term in office, paid out in their fifties, unlike what they want for us, I can and will support that! They want us to wait until we are 69 before we can draw Social Security. This is a bill already in consideration and favored by the soon to be new congress. It will likely be passed. It reduces benefits and makes you wait until a week before you die to apply. We boomers are still out there in large numbers, politicians need to know their career is over if they do not put a stop to this fraud! Write, call, complain, be pro-active, or don’t complain when you lose whats yours!

If this offends you, or you think I am wrong, well you know where to reach me. If you would prefer I did not bother you with such drivel, just say so in a return email and I will remove you from my email list. If you want to disagree or add to anything, feel free. I normally vent in a blog, but I know from experience that most will not bother to access it, so I decided I needed an audience of baby boomers, you got nominated!

Your friend,

John Love

  1. James Mahon says:

    Hi Bro,

    While you have a couple of facts wrong, I agree with the essence of your rant. Remember how Potter said that Roosevelt was a Socialist due to passing Social Security. Anyway, In my opinion we are in a war that can’t be won, for people we don’t care about or understand, who will play their same tribal games when we are gone. Most of the third world thinks Obama is right and that we are simply arrogant colonialists interfering where we shouldn’t. Our attempts to buy friendships has been proven wrong time after time. We should be spending our dollars at home for our citizens instead of “saving” the world. I also think we should bring the troops home and secure our borders from within, with the exception of maybe taking the war to the Cartels down in Mexico. I don’t know what to think about North Korea or China. They are playing two separate games that are damned scary to me. Perhaps we need to leave the pacific rim to the chinese to do with as they please. That is probably why the Chinese allow North Korea to play is silly games; they want us out of their playground. I think it will turn into it’s own powder keg if allowed to do so. In many ways our interference is simply putting off the inevitable, delaying it and forcing the end result to be catastrophic. We need to stop being the good guys trying to save the world while our family dies, and our house burns down!

    I think the solution is to make it unconstitutional to run a deficit as of NOW, no grace period. The politicians would have to make quite a few difficult choices, and the people would be insisting that they still get theirs! If such an amendment to the constitution was passed, I would donate 10% of my income over the next year to help pay off the National Debt, and I don’t think I would be alone. However, as long as the politicians keep running a deficit national budget, my money wouldn’t help. The only thing that will help is to force them to stop spending money as a way of trying to win (buy) votes for their political party!

    I just don’t know how to do it! A private citizen cannot introduce an amendment to the constitution. It must come from a member of Congress. Another “we are too dumb to know better laws” set up by our founding fathers.

    Brother Jim

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