Email to Jim in Response to “New Political Party Position”

Posted: January 29, 2011 in News and politics

Jim, you ask me what I would call the new position I described in our “new” political party. The Boss, works for me, but hey , I don’t know. The President is an impotent position except for his veto power. But other than that all he can do is rant and rave. He is only as powerful as his backing from his own party. He wields no power on his own to pass legislation. His power is in waging war, or at least fomenting one, and his access to the public forum of print and broadcast media is a plus in trying to direct public opinion. In every other way all he tends to be is a giant target and great cartoon character. The guy you blame when shit hits the fan. It is why I was giving the job away, I would never want it. We need people willing to forget the two party system. Who the hell put them in charge anyway? We have to look at taking care of our own. Forget giving 68 billion dollars to an Egyptian because he pretends to be friendly to our interests. I don’t care if it gives us a free pass to the Suez, or if it helps Israel. I have already stated what I think we should do about terrorism. I think instead of propping up governments like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, Iraq, and on and on, we should make sure no children are hungry, everyone is getting a great education at home in a safe environment, the same medical services are available to everyone, and I could go on forever. Gangs, crime, dope, immigration, secure borders, all of these things could be had or at least vastly improved if the money we use to prop up foreign powers was used to prop up ourselves. We stay strong, treat the rest of the planet and countries with respect, but stomp on them hard if they support terrorism or harm an American. I know, isolationism, so what! If you make it profitable to deal with us, they will. Money talks and bullshit, is just that, bullshit! We need to make sure we are #1 in education, not second to last. We need to use our resources to stay in the forefront of technology. We need to lead the world in trade innovation, not just following the trend. You know who best fits that criteria right now? Well it’s China, and in another 20 years we will not even be in the top ten of dominate nations on the planet. If I knew how to bring about the change, hey I would not keep it a secret, but alas I am as impotent as the President in this regard. I guess the best we can do is keep talking and staying engaged, just in case the opportunity arises to be some small part of the solution.

Your Brother,

John L.

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