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Did you watch Trump’s speech today, where he told you not to believe what you see and hear, only believe his alternate facts! What a load! I mean there was no truth in anything he said, not one damn word!

The following are excerpts from an article by Cody Fenwick a writer for AlterNet. “Since President Donald Trump’s legacy in office is filled with broken promises and dismal failures, he and his defenders are working to create an alternative reality for his supporters to believe in where administration policy is a resounding success! It’s all working out. Just remember: what you’re seeing and what you’re reading is not what’s happening. It was a startling admission: Trump doesn’t want people to believe the very things they’re seeing!  Why would he say such a thing? Tariffs, of course, are just a form of taxes. So after Republicans ballooned future deficits by slashing the corporate tax rate at the end of last year, Trump is now unilaterally imposing taxes that will hurt American consumers and workers.

This is bad policy and even worse politically. So Trump has to tell his fans not to believe what they see or read. He has often employed this tactic, by denying obvious facts and labeling the media “fake news” even when the reports reveal facts that are undeniable. With his rate of dishonesty increasing, it’s Trump who his supporters should doubt, not the basic facts about the world.

But with his Helsinki summit and unmitigated disaster, the Mueller probe zeroing in on his allies, his tax cuts failing to benefit the American people, the immigration family separation crisis ongoing, and health insurance prices rising, Trump’s policy efforts give him nothing to brag about. Denying the noses on his supporters’ faces is the only thing left to do.”

The only question left is: Who’s buying it? Do you get it now?





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Are there Aliens? Beats the crap out of me! Do I believe there might be aliens, well yes I do. Now whether or not they are a microbe or an intelligent being with his hand, paw, claw, or whatever, on the throttle of an intergalactic space craft, now that is the real question.

 So lets discuss a couple of basic theories, or facts, as I see them, that you also have to believe in to even fathom an alien! First you have to believe and understand that the earth is around 4.5 billion years old. Then you must believe that evolution is a fact of nature, and that nature will always try to find a way to produce life in any environment it can. So for those of you who eschew this statement and believe that the world is only around 6000 years old, well then just consider this a science fiction article!

 So lets say you agree with me about the age of the earth, evolution, the propensity of nature to promote life, and the advent of natural selection, then aliens on other planets is a foregone conclusion. Most scientists agree, with the vastness of the universe, the chance of planets having an orbit around a sun with a  similar makeup to earth is mathematically almost a certainty, and in credible numbers. So now we need to consider how life on our planet became self aware to the point it was able to leave the confines of the planet and start to explore the universe, albeit mostly by robotic means or deep space satellites so far, and how common an occurrence do we think this is in the galactic scheme of things.

 A couple of things to consider about how we did evolve, humans, that is. Dinosaurs, which were huge reptiles, ruled this earth for millennia. Their dominance would have very likely not have allowed the human race to develop, as any species as incapable of defending themselves against such an onslaught of predators would have been eaten out of existence before they really got a chance to start. So whatever catastrophe wiped the dinosaurs from the face of the earth, whether it was a normal or even abnormal natural climate change is unlikely as the extinction rate was way too quick. So I buy into the cataclysmic asteroid event, which created such a cloud of debris it blocked out the sun for a long period of time, and pretty much everything died. The new ecology that emerged allowed for smaller types of life to emerge as the huge amounts of tropical growth that existed in the dinosaur era of our history was not prevalent any longer. So without this earth-shattering event, humans might not yet exist, or at least may still be living fruit to mouth, as it were.

 So if what I surmise are the facts of our evolution, then how often do intelligent self aware beings of our caliber become a fact of life on other planets. No way to tell, but out of the billions of possible chances, probably at least a few, in my way of thinking. Maybe their planet was never capable of supporting such large creatures as dinosaurs, so smaller populations of life were allowed to take hold, thereby negating the need of a massive extinction event which gave us a chance to evolve. But then lets say something like us, or at least something as intelligent, or maybe even more so, has evolved? What is the likelihood they got in a spacecraft and came here? I think highly unlikely. The simple vastness of space, the fact that we are kind of out in the sticks in the galactic scheme of things would preclude being able to cover the distance. Now of course some aliens may have discovered a means to travel great distances with science way beyond our scope. This would also more than likely mean that these aliens would be, in the evolutionary scheme of things, far more advanced, making us seem to be unintelligent by comparison and not worth communicating with. Maybe snatching up and studying, so there is that!

 So I guess it comes down to one basic question, do I believe aliens have visited, no I don’t. Do I believe in life other than here on earth, yes I think that is inevitable. Do I believe that there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe; yes I think it is definitely possible. Lastly, I believe if they ever do get here one of two things will happen. They will not have a none interference clause like the Federation, so we would definitely hear from them in some fashion. Or, and also likely in my opinion, they would look on this jewel of a planet, see the infestation that is destroying it, and take appropriate action! Sayonara takes on a whole new meaning!