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Studies done to try and understand why school shootings are on the rise, why certain states have a higher ratio, and why a group of states have none at all! Research highlights the need for a national registry to monitor school shootings in order to better inform the debate over its causes and how to prevent these tragic events.

However independent studies do show some interesting leads into why they are more prevalent in some states than others. The states with no school shootings at all have something in common. I list them below.

Mandatory background checks for gun and ammunition purchases.
Higher spending on mental health.
Higher spending on K-12 education.

Now please do not jump on the band wagon that equates mandatory background checks for gun and ammunition purchases to mean someone is taking your guns away from you. No! It only means these states are looking at your background for criminal or psychotic histories and not selling guns to these individuals. These states are also spending more money on mental health and public K-12 education than other states that do have shootings.

So the states with the highest percentage of shootings, and the highest increase in the rate these shootings take place, all have one thing in common. Poor background checks for gun and ammunition purchases, low expenditures for mental health in the state, and lower spending on K-12 education. Georgia had the greatest number, with 15 school shootings. Florida and Texas each had 14. There were 12 school shootings in North Carolina and 10 in Tennessee.

Here comes my point. Your new cabinet possibilities that President elect Trump is appointing are against just this sort of spending, all of it! Trump actually does not think a department of education is even necessary, and said so. Betsy DeVos, his pick for Secretary of Education has a long and public distain for public education, and works to syphon money out of public K-12 schools to private schools! She also supports an organization  that thinks child labor laws should be abolished, and instead of wasting money educating them they should work along side adults in mines and other other like jobs because that teaches them things too, lets them earn money, and youth like danger anyway! So basically if your not wealthy enough to afford private school, you should join a child labor force. The other appointees for the other departments all have disdain for the federal organizations they will run. Rick Perry comes to mind. He is slated to become the new Secretary  of  Energy. A department he has said he does not think should even exist!. He has no background in Energy except for maybe how to pull it out of the ground. I did enjoy him on Dancing With The Stars, seemed like a nice guy! I am not sure that qualified him to replace an actual atomic scientist currently in the position!  This is similar to almost every appointee Trump is nominating, as far as their disdain for the departments they will be running goes!

School shootings on the rise is just the tip of a very big iceberg. You can cry big government all you want, and sure, it has some serious faults, but wait until the checks and balances on the 1% are removed, you will not like it, not even a little. I predict you will hate it, but by then our education of our children will have declined to even lower levels, and their safety be even more threatened!