The Big Lie, or lies!

Posted: July 15, 2021 in News and politics

Voter fraud, let’s look at the facts! Less than two dozen nationwide have been found. Most cases have been thrown out of court in less than a day because no evidence was brought forward!

In Nevada, for instance, Trump claimed there were over 10,000 people who were not even living in the state who voted. It turned out they were servicemen and women and college students! Which can legally vote no matter where they are!

So then there is the Capital insurrection, which Trump and Republicans said was the Left, Black Lives matter, pushed by big Media! So all of you have a brain housing group attached to a spine. So why would groups where the election went their way assault the Capital in protest? Answer; they would not! 

 General Michael Flynn, hand-picked by Trump, upped the ante and caused quite a stir when he attended a big QAnon event in Texas. He responded to a questioner asking if there’s any reason America can’t have a military coup like Myanmar by saying, “No reason. I mean, it should happen here.”

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen. Mark Milley and others were concerned that Trump or his allies would stage a coup in an attempt to have him stay in power! According to a new book by Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker, “I Alone Can Fix It,” which is set to be released next Tuesday.

The Joint Chiefs were considering resigning one at a time to avoid carrying out the orders of the former president, which they thought would be dangerous and illegal!

Again, the now-disbanded voting integrity commission launched by the Trump administration uncovered no evidence to support claims of widespread voter fraud, according to an analysis of administration documents released last April. In a letter to Vice President Mike Pence and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who are both Republicans and led the commission, the documents show a “pre-ordained outcome”! And that drafts of a commission report included a section on evidence of voter fraud that was “glaringly empty.”

People in the video capture of the Capital insurrection and subsequently arrested were not left-wing, nor BLM, or any leftist organization. Now Proud Boys, QAnon, and other White Supremacist representation were found in large numbers! So Trump lied about everything, and some of you are still licking the greasy grimy pan! 

So let’s summarize! A president who told more lies than anyone in history by a considerable margin and is accused of molestation by dozens! Who is under investigation for serious crimes, some of which had already been proven! Like ripping off a Trump-created charity which proved to be just a slush fund for him and his family, for one! Tax evasion and the money trail to Russian oligarchs are just now starting to come to light! Instigating violence, and of course, the big lie which millions believe, despite all evidence to the contrary! Even when his commission and his guy at Justice, Barr, all saying there was none, the election was not rigged!

If you have evidence that did not come from a Fox talking-head whose own company lawyers in court said he could not be held liable because it was not expected that anyone would believe anything he says! True, look it up! Then take a long look at yourselves if you support Trump. It is not a partisan divide; it is more like he sold your children into the sex trade, but it was ok; he needed the money! It is that simple, wake up! We need to make sure this man is not allowed to destroy this country with his mental instability, even now!

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