Republican Prevarications!

Posted: June 13, 2021 in News and politics

By John Love

Republicans are taking credit for pandemic relief in their states that they voted against! Every Republican in Congress voted against the sweeping pandemic relief bill that President Joe Biden signed into law! Every single one! But Republicans from New York and across the nation to Washington state have promoted elements and taken credit for the results of the exact legislation they fought to defeat!

Here is a perfect example; Rep. Nicole Malliotakis, a Republican from NY, said it pained her to vote against the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan! Then she later issued a news release taking credit for more than $3.7 million from the package that went to community health centers in her district as one of her “achievements.” She said she prided herself on “bringing federal funding to the district and back into the pockets of taxpayers.” The very funding that she and every single republican voted against! As I indicated, there are more examples, but this and other similar claims by republicans are out-and-out lies that we let them get away with!

Then there are things they do not take credit for, or seem to not know about, or claim it didn’t happen. Matt Gaetz is a prime example. Besides paying for sex with a minor, he is now facing charges for sex trafficking. If he had been a Democrat, the outcry would have deafened us in our own homes! But what do you hear from Republicans on this issue, nada! They either claim they do not know anything about it, or Matt, who?

I am not saying Democrats are not guilty of taking credit where credit is not due, but when you search for examples, the ratio for Republicans is high! Then when you start looking for sex trafficking charges or sex with a minor, it is almost always related to a Republican lawmaker—starting with their hero, Trump! A man, who encouraged violence, has made more statements on the record demeaning women than any leader of a country I know of! He has been accused of sexual assault by dozens of women, even rape in more than one instance, yet Republicans still hold him up as their shining example. The old saying, a thief always thinks everyone is stealing from him, and I cannot help but think that sexual assault is way more common than we know, and that is why they are willing to look the other way! We have to start holding these people accountable, especially if it involves an underage girl or any person under their sway!  

I had a friend ask me just the other day how I felt about how our current President is ruining America, and am I now finally wishing Trump was back! I cannot tell you how utterly ashamed I am that people cannot see the truth, especially when it is so in your face! They have to be only listening to shock jocks, not looking for the truth at all! Even when Fox News defended itself in court with the premise that no one thinks that what they report are facts, they are an entertainment venue, so they should not be held accountable. This was in defense of Tucker Carlson, who they said could not be literally believed! Google it, easy to find!

There are currently several criminal investigations underway of former President Trump, his children, and in-laws! History will show the Trumps were and are a crime family! Especially Donald and his Dad! Dad was arrested once while marching in a KKK rally! He was released without charges because money has influence. Both Donald and Fred Trump were charged with racist housing practices by the Federal government, Donald, more than once! I could give you pages and pages of lawsuits, immoral practices by Donald alone, from early childhood on, but if you are not already aware, I doubt you care!

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