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So, a little self-promotion is happening here. A few years back I started studying the governments and societies of nations around the world in preparation of writing a sci-fi novel I had in mind. Well after several nations had total regime changes or had revamped their government policies, I had not written a word. So one night I just thought, why not just write something down! When I looked up from the computer it was light outside and I was five chapters in! I did not use a lot of the research, it just kind of appeared like it had a mind of its own! I actually did not know what was going to happen until it did appear on the page. I think it is good, but of course, as the author, I would. My friends and relatives who have read it also think it is great, but again, friends and relatives! But I am hoping for a few customers, not for the money, I would just like to know people enjoyed it! I will not throw any money out, but royalties here are at a minimum for either book, so unless it becomes a best seller I am not going to get rich by any means!

To be honest, I was not intending to publish, I found that writing relaxed me and relieved stress. So anytime I could not sleep, I wrote. I wound up with about 850 pages. In order to publish, I had to make it fit on 670 pages, so I did after a few people harangued me about why I was not publishing it. So there is now a paperback and a Kindle or e-book version. You can download a free Kindle reader on your tablet, PC, or computer on the link to my books. I am writing a sequel, but we will get into that at a later date. So I am including links to both the paperback and the Kindle version on Amazon. There is a pop-up that will let you read some before you buy. When you get rid of that pop-up there will be prices in blue for whichever form of the book you intend to buy, if you decide to, that is.

This is the link to the paperback Shipp by John Love.

This is a link to Kindle or E-version of my book Shipp.

Thank you, I will read any words of wisdom you care to provide me if you do read my novel. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it!

John Love