Lets Talk President, Yeah the Black One

Posted: July 22, 2014 in News and politics

If you are reading this, you should also check out Posting Bullshit, my previous blog, it relates.

I got started on this kick because of posts I see about President Barack Obama. So let me start with some opinions of mine! The man is not perfect. He got his feelings hurt early on in his presidency and he did not try to go along or get along! If I had been subjected to some of the rhetoric he has had to endure, not sure I would have done any better! But hey, he is the President, so is expected to do better than I would! He is too apologetic, and not until recently has he stood up for himself, but still not like he should.

I want to say a few words about the Affordable Care Act. While I firmly believe we needed something, and that it is better than the nothing we had, I will allow that is too complicated. If we could have worked on it across the aisle it would have been a lot better and surely better suited to both sides. What we really need is a single payer system, but then insurance companies crank up the lobby machine and that goes away. But I digress.

I see people buying into lies told about the President just because it is what they would like to believe about the man, so no one checks any facts, but passes the lies along like they know what the hell they are talking about. The biggest lie is that President Obama is not a citizen of the United States. What a crock that is, and this from sources no one would have paid any attention to previously, Donald Trump comes to mind. Here are some facts, easily verifiable. His mother met his father while he was at the University of Hawaii. They got married and Barack was born six months later. Yes, I did the math too, not the first or last time that will happen. His Father left them in Hawaii to go to Harvard to pursue his PHD. He never returned, Barack was six months old at the time. His mother divorced Barack’s biological father when he was two years old. Barack only met his father one more time after that in his entire life. This was the Kenyan your all so excited about corrupting a young Barack. His mother met another man, Leo Soetoro, who did move the family to Indonesia. However Barack did not get along well there so at the age of ten he was sent to live with his (white) grandparents back in Hawaii. The grandfather had been an oil field worker who joined up after Pearl Harbor and went through Europe with Patton. His Grandmother worked in a bomber assembly plant. They used the GI bill to buy a house and eventually wound up in Hawaii. Neither was religious, the point being that Barack was not being indoctrinated into any religion. He had not had contact with his biological Father since the age if six months, and did not stay in Indonesia long either, so had limited contact with the stepfather. Again the point being, he was raised by people who were not immersed in any kind of religion, so he was not being indoctrinated by any religion whatsoever most of his life.

So now lets tackle his education. He graduated with honors from the highly regarded Punahou Academy. He then went to Occidental College in Los Angeles for two years and then he transferred to Columbia where he graduated with a degree in political science. He worked for a few years, saving money for Harvard, where he finished his education and got a law degree. He was editor of the Harvard Law review and graduated magna cum laude. You have to have your stuff together and the grades to accomplish either of the afore mentioned honors. He did apply for and receive some grant money and took out student loans, which took years to pay off. This is all public record, which anyone can access. The President did not address it because it was asinine; it was mean prejudiced lies so he chose to ignore it. He actually had a superb scholastic heritage to brag on, he chose not to and refused to participate in this crass attack on his person. He did get up to some antics in college, but nothing I did not run into at Boise State or several other colleges I spent some time attending. I have visited countries all over the Pacific Rim, some in Europe and a quick visit to North Africa. For some reason that did not turn me into a Muslim either!

I mentioned before that I felt like the President got his feelings hurt in his first term when all this vitriol first started to surface. He did not handle it well. He was afraid to call it what it was, and still has not used the label it deserves, plain old racism. I can hear you squalling, but I don’t care, that is what it is. The reason anything Obama favors is fought tooth and nail has nothing to do with what it is, but who he is. A prime example is the Affordable Care Act. This was originally a republican idea. Mandated insurance for all Americans was first introduced in the Republican health care reform bill of 1993. The mandate was also part and parcel of the Massachusetts plan, which passed under Governor Mitch Romney. Remember him? When Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law, the GOP tried to claim it was unconstitutional even though the idea had been central to the GOP’s health care reforms for over two decades. Let me repeat that, two decades! When the GOP went bat shit about it, well that is when he pulled back and realized what the problem really was. So in conclusion, all of the president bashing that has gone on harmed our country. Most of that falls right in the lap of the GOP who is the actual responsible entity for undermining the country they are supposed to serve. Now that is an opinion, mine. Just so you know I know the difference between fact, fiction, and opinion. All of that was for one reason, and one reason only. To make sure that we the people were so disgusted by the flood of lies concocted by the most do nothing congress in history that we would never consider another black president in the foreseeable future, and for no other reason. It made the President weak, which directly affected our security and the welfare of this country. Yes he holds some of the blame for his part in how he handled it. My premise is that he should never have had to, and would not have if he had only been white. Which is disgusting. The President has many faults, but his record has not been accurately reported. Hell it reads like one of those pulp magazines you see at the check out counter. I am a registered Republican, but I would not claim this party in its current state, I am ashamed. One last thing, everything I have said here is easily verifiable. Something we all should have been doing. Listening to a talk show host when he or she tells you what to think is not something anyone should do. You tend to gravitate toward what you want to be true without fact checking and this makes you part of the problem.

Sue him; well that is just stupid and will only backfire. Impeach, well if there was any real impeachable offenses out there I doubt Boehner and his crew would have overlooked them. So common sense tells you they don’t exist! If your paying attention to Palin, I really am sorry for you! So even the GOP knows impeachment will not fly so they decide to sue the man. Over what, the extension of the employer mandate, which the GOP did not want implemented and begged him to not implement at all. The House actually passed a bill to stop the implement of the provision. It was defeated in the Senate. Now they are going to sue him for doing as they asked? So examine this set of facts. If a lawsuit was successful, and the President was forced to implement the employer mandate immediately, would the House once again pass a bill to stop its implementation! What kind of crazy is that? They cannot have it both ways. Well they can, but not without being two faced about it. OMG, what have I just said! Is that an Oxymoron?

Ok, so here is the moral of the story. I have no problem with you disliking the current administration. I have no problem with you exerting you right to free speech. But when you fight with lies, even distortions of the truth (the worst and most deceitful kind of lies) you demean yourself and those you purport to represent. Again I urge you to read my previous blog, Posting Bullshit, for a more in depth discussion. I welcome rebuttal, just don’t come at me with something you heard or read by someone who makes a living fomenting lies for money. I won’t mention whom they work for in most cases, but it only takes three little letters to figure it out. Oh, and I would not wait to sign up for health insurance. You are not signing up for Obamacare, it is not insurance, never was. No matter how conservative or self reliant you are, you are not immune to disease or accident. Hey, I ran away from home at eleven and have not returned to this day. I learned to take care of myself by the time I was seven, no one else was. I was employed continually after the Marines for thirty years at the same company, and then got another job for another eight before retiring. I am not one of those sucking on the teat of the government; I just want to see honesty in reporting and our arguments.

  1. Tom E. Grer Sr. says:

    John all well and good -but it sounds like yu are acusing everyone else of rascism? BS-get ooff your high horse and get a grip-the mann is far from perfect as are all of us; I still think the only worse presient could be Billary-BTW -I did not and Do not like Carter or Clinton eitheras they both suxed almost as bad as Obama!

    • John Love says:

      Hi Tom, I approved your comment so it will appear on my blog. I probably could have worded that paragraph better, but am not apologizing for it. I do a lot of research so am not necessarily talking about Facebook. But in my studies I see and read a lot of different input. I also intentionally follow posts of people from both sides of the fence, then I try to find the source and the truth or untruth of what has been said. This information is what has convinced me that what I have said is accurate. I never included you in that group, but some of what you post is not accurate. I am sure I have done the same, but I try really hard to check out what I am saying before I do. As I said, I have no problem with you having a negative attitude about the President, just post using true facts, that is all that I am asking. It takes a lot of time to find the truth, I admit. I will even admit that maybe I am up on my high horse! I don’t believe that, but do admit it is possible. I am just trying to get people to look at both sides, try to check facts as much as possible so our arguments come from an informed base. You should have seen this blog as originally written, I was definitely way up the neck of that horse but had the sense to tone it down. I fervently hope you and I can continue on as great friends as I value your friendship very highly. Thanks for your comment, as I said, all are welcome!

      • John: I stopped reading at the paragraph that includes the statement below. I stopped because not much of it concerns me. I think Mr Obama is a citizen of the US and I think is he not a Muslim, and I would not care if he were. I only think he is incompetent, presumptuous and dogmatic. I also stopped because the statement below shows that you are under-informed on one of the very points you make, on your own, without encouragement and without provocation.

        “He was editor of the Harvard Law review and graduated magna cum laude. You have to have your stuff together and the grades to accomplish either of the afore mentioned honors.”

        The Harvard Law Review is a student review (like most law reviews). In the 80s, if you were black and you could breathe, you had an excellent chance to be elected. Mr Obama could breathe, he is well spoken and probably was; he does not look or act ghetto. His presence as editor was not about the shame anyone. His (still secret) grades did not enter into it. The fact is that he did not publish a single item during his two-years at the helm. That’s an extraordinary performance of non-action. Think of a repair shop manager with completely clean fingernails all the time, 100% of the time.

      • John Love says:

        Ok Jacques, I admit I did not have the expertise to find out some facts you point out, not publishing being one. It never occurred to me to go there, and I am not sure I would know where to look. So I will give you that. I have not been able to find out about specific grades, so maybe they are secret, I could not find evidence either way except from news and other sources I don’t trust. I have no reason not to trust that you do, so will except your word on this, for now. But I did find several sources that he graduated magna cum laude. Does that not mean he got good grades? I am not trying to prove you wrong here, I am looking to get informed. I just get tired of the GOP just disagreeing to disagree. There is a lot of Mr. Obama I do not like. I don’t have anywhere near the heightened dislike you exhibit, I just want a level headed conversation. I guess what I need to do, I have decided, is get used to your style. It seems condescending to me. It is why I brought up education a couple of times. I happen to know my IQ, was tested several times because of me circumstance and people trying figure out what to with me education wise. However I believe IQ only gets you so far, that academia teaches you how to dig out the truth and understand what it is your are seeing, hearing, or reading. I have always wished I had gotten the degrees I wanted, I may be jealous of those that did. I have gone to a lot of school, most would be considered tech schools. I made my living in tech, but my love was biology and anthropology. I was a cop for five minutes, didn’t like it. So I have taken a science class every time I had some time at colleges too numerous to mention. All for my own amusement and fun! I have just finished a sic-fi novel, not the next great thing, but I think Asimov would have liked it, but I am under no delusions. I did not do it to publish either, just loved doing it, working on book two now. So I am a weird duck, I admit. I will keep reading your stuff and try to keep my mouth shut and pretend I am a mute sitting in the back of the class.

  2. John: I am not in a competition with you And I am not interested in IQs. I call the shots as I see them. Yes, “cum laude” means good grades. I have not seen that allegation. I doubt it’s true. If it were, the New York Times would have been trumpeting the fact every other day. What I know is that Mr Obama’s undergraduate grades are sealed. It would not matter except that it would be so easy to open them up to silent doubters like me. Worst case scenario: He had a C- GPA. Nobody would care much. Some former C addicts might even like him better. Of course, it forces the question: What is he really hiding?

    I am not condescending; I am impatient because life is short. I also focus on younger people (for the same reason). Other than this, I wish you well in all your endeavors, especially the writing. You should read my book. I need the $4 profit.

  3. John Love says:

    Again you misunderstood my education and IQ reference. It was not a competitive statement. I was explaining that higher education gives you tools that help you glean and understand the information that shapes our lives and that IQ can only take you so far without that. It is why I admire people who have gone the extra mile, so to speak.

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