The Love Chronicles, I Wonder, What If!

Posted: December 18, 2012 in Life
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I Wonder, What If?

I wonder what it would feel like to be 19 again. Would I be the man I was in 1968, or would I wear my ball cap sideways, my pants halfway down my butt crack, and would my face have shrapnel hanging from every orifice, maybe even an eyebrow or two in this day and age? If I was 19 again would I have joined the Marines, or would I have just hung out with my bitch, sippin whiskey and smokin dope, I mean nobody says I have to do jack!? If I were 19 again, would I have wanted to major in criminology, or maybe political science? Maybe instead, cause this would suit the bitch, the whiskey, and the dope way better, I would take courses with the idea of becoming an investment banker, or maybe trade on Wall Street and buy me one of those multi million dollar high rise apartments! Yeah that’s it! I could then buy better whiskey, better dope, and trade the bitch in on something a little more sleek and sexy, if only I were 19 again! Or maybe I would drop out; I mean I am smokin dope! Maybe I would, instead of becoming a policeman, be arrested by one, sent up the river and turned into someone else’s bitch while my new sleek and sexy bitch divorces my ass and takes everything I have, or ever will! Yeah that’s it, the Man done stuck it to me! Or if I had gone the way of Wall Street and so forth, I could buy off the man, or at least buy me a great lawyer, and continue on smokin dope and makin scratch. At least until my brain fried from my lifestyle or the economy tanked, or both! So what was I talking about, oh yeah, if I could be 19 again!

Wait! I have a loving wife, kindest and most generous person on the planet! I have the best daughter a man could ask for, who has her Masters and is a great English teacher! I have a nice little house in a quiet cul-de-sac, with a 4×4, 1900 twin V motorcycle all chromed out, and an SUV just for the wife! All except the house paid for by the way. My wife and I are both retired, I am travelling with friends around the country on bike trips, and my wife and I are planning some trips together! Lets see, don’t have to go to work in the morning, no boss to answer to, can pretty much come and go as I please, have plenty man toys and adequate wampum, well, hmm, ok then, never mind!


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