Posted: May 23, 2011 in Life

Friends, we all have them, but do you realize just how lucky you are. I have been lucky enough to have friends who have stayed with me since high school, and some who were overseas with me, but I have let countless people fall by the wayside over the years, just because I was busy and my life seemed full. It was, but as I have more time to reflect, I realize just how important friends are and that I was remiss in my responsibility to keep in contact and stay engaged. I always intended to go to every class reunion, but each time, I let my love of racing boats, motorcycles, buggies, and 4×4’s interfere. I always thought I would be less busy next year, and then I would go. Well I am coming up on 63 yrs and still have not gone. So this fall, I am going to combine my love of adventure, travel, and motorcycles into what I hope will be a successful trip to try and make up for past short falls in the area of friendship. Jim Mahon and I are preparing to take what we have dubbed as a Mobile Class Reunion! We are taking Jim’s motorhome, both of our bikes on a trailer, and we plan to spend a couple of months, or so, travelling the Northwest and visiting as many people as we can find who want to see us. We will be in Boise the week of September 16th on our first leg, then to Council, up to Northern Idaho, across to Washington, swinging through Oregon. We do not know who we will be able to find and visit as of yet. To be honest with you, because I have not been good about staying in contact, Jim will probably have a much better idea of where people are and how to find them.
My point is, if you have friends, treasure them always, do not wait, thinking there is always time to catch up later. I had a heart problem a year ago on the 14th of this month, which got me motivated to get on with my life and make a few changes. Nothing like driving yourself to the emergency room in the middle of the night thinking, is this it, have I done all I am going to do? Well I have tried not to put off anything anymore. Some of you have noticed I have been way more accessible this last year than ever before. I apologize that I have not always had such an attitude. At any rate, I am writing this in a blog because it will post to Facebook. If you are still living anywhere in the Northwest and would like Jim and I to stop by, send us a message with contact info and location, so we can plan our route. We don’t care if you were in our class or just know us because we are so famous, we want to see you! I am hoping that the people who are in contact with the two of us will know how to contact others from Council who have scattered out through the countryside and maybe help us find as many people as we can before this fall. In this way we can see more people, and plan our trip accordingly. Also we should then be able to give you estimates on when we will be in your area, and of course updates as we travel. We will of course take lots of pictures, so that all of you can be a part of the entire trip. Both of us will post on Facebook.
If any of you have the space and do not mind us parking our motorhome and trailer while we visit you or while we travel locally in the state on our bikes, please let us know. We already have the Boise area and Council handled. We may need a place in Council to leave the bikes only, as we probably will not want to ride them down the dirt road out of Drue Reynolds place, where we plan to park the motorhome. Helen Rice has also suggested to me that it might be nice to have a picnic or something and invite anyone who wants to visit or participate while we are in Council. I think that would be great, but all of that will come in the future. My main goal here is to find as many addresses and people who think they would like a visit this fall from the pair of us. We would not expect to be put up or wined and dined. Just the pleasure of your company will be all we require. Jim has a lot of info from the All 60’s reunion, but if you see this, please respond anyway.
I have also written a blog called a letter to Council, when you access this blog, you might want to read it. It was my way of thanking all of you for being my friend and in a way, saving my life. I have no doubt my life was enriched and my course altered by the years I spent growing up with a lot of you in Council. I am looking forward to seeing as many of you as I can; I think this will be the greatest adventure of my life.

Your friend,

John Love

  1. Brent Claassen says:

    Nice plan. I would hope to be included in the visit. We have room for you to park, leave trailer, leave motor home, or whatever. We live outside of Midvale about 10 miles. Home phone is 208-355-3985. My cell is 208-550-7016. I think Helen was right about having a picnic. It has been a long time and I am looking forward to seeing you and Jim. Your Friend Brent

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