A Discussion of Islamic and Christian Extremists

Posted: October 3, 2010 in News and politics

I am writing this blog in response to an ABC program hosted by Christiane Amanpour on the subject , along with a discussion of the placement of the Mosque in New York City 2 ½ blocks from ground zero.

She had a panel made up of sensible people to her left, and a group of extremists purporting to represent Christianity and the American way on her right.  Good thing she had the sense to know which was which and keep them separated, or they would have come to blows!  Of course anytime you mention any person who believes implicitly in any form of religion, you can automatically assume you are talking to an extremist.

          Ok, here is may take on the subject. I am an Earthling, no better or worse than any other Earthling, and that is my religion. I have a Bible; it is printed on a post-it note. Its message and complete doctrine are contained there. It is as follows: Treat everyone in all scenarios exactly in the manner that you yourself want to be treated, period!  It is worded a little differently in the Bible, but as most of you are packing a King James version, be aware, Jesus did not talk like that, semi ancient Englishmen did. So now you’re thinking too short, to simple. It is exactly why it is the only thing that will ever work. As soon as you add anything else, someone will disagree, and being human, will eventually try to convert you to their opinion, or kill you off if they can’t. 

          Do Islamic extremists exist, of course they do, and practically everyone in the civilized world witnessed the absolute proof of that!  Are there other groups of extremists out there? You bet, I can even tell you by what name a few of them go by.  One of the biggest extremists of the Christian faith is none other than the Reverend Franklin Graham, the son of Billy, a man, who it just so happens, I have met briefly twice in my youth. Mr. Billy Graham was a little wiser than his son.  An accurate comparison might be, oh say, Einstein and a really smart chimpanzee! He condemned every religion; actually he condemned every human on the planet to eternal damnation if they did not believe exactly as he did.  Is that not the exact description of the Islamic extremist’s message? Yes, it is, exactly!!

          What exactly did you think the crusades or the Inquisition would be called if they had happened in more modern times? Both were carried out in the name of the Christian faith, so let’s say, oh yeah, extremists carrying out a Christian jihad!  Absolutely no difference, they just used a guillotine or Knights with swords instead of aircraft, the modern weapons of their time. We will not even go into the genocide the Christian controlled military from multiple countries perpetrated on the peoples of the Americas. I dare you to find an existing Inca civilization, the largest to ever exist in pre Columbian America, or an Aztec empire, who, after they destroyed their entire civilization, built Mexico City on top of the rubble of the old capital.  This was done by a country still controlled by one of the most powerful sects of Christianity ever to exist, whose name I won’t print, but whose identity you all know!   

So is everyone going to convert to calling themselves Earthlings with its very simple Bible? Nope, not unless I force them or kill off the ones I can’t force! See the problem? We just need to use common sense. The Moslems are going to have to quit teaching an extreme form of their religion. They are going to have to quit teaching the next generation of their youth that the west is evil and has to be conquered by any means necessary.  We have to do the same, because Christian faith for example, preaches the exact same doctrine to our youth. You accept Christ and follow his teachings as written down by a bunch of old English dudes who thought the Earth was the center of the universe, and flat as a pancake to boot, or burn in hell for eternity. And just like Islamic extremists, have condemned the entire population of the planet to damnation if they don’t believe exactly  as they do!

          Do I believe that they should build a Mosque so near the site of the Trade Center attack? I think it might be in poor taste, but if we are to honor the tenants of our constitution and what America is supposed to stand for, then we have to fight for their right to express themselves whenever and wherever they want.  An even better idea, make it even bigger, and call it a multicultural religious center, dedicated to the cooperation of all faiths, with all of the various religions represented under one roof. It would then be, in my opinion, perfectly placed as close to the 911 site as possible!

In conclusion, you have to have an educated world that is plugged into each other. You have to combat poverty, hunger, and the lack of schools, hospitals, educators, and doctors. You have to do this in an atmosphere of peace. So have we got our work cut out for us? You can bet your —, well you know!  I think the only way to start this work is to first start thinking of ourselves as Earthlings as I said before. As long as we isolate ourselves by culture and religion, we will never be able to solve this planet’s problems. And look, you are already thinking like an extremist. You’re going to tell me that I have to believe in God and Jesus, or Jehovah, or Allah, or Buddha, or whatever, or I am going to some place dark and dank, or bright and on fire, forever.  I personally don’t subscribe to any of the religions currently at my disposal. I am not agnostic, I am still asking questions, making up my mind, but in the meantime, I take the Ten Commandments seriously.  I do not believe, because I believe differently than you, that that condemns me or you, and why, no matter what we believe, the Earthling concept cannot be part and parcel to what we have decided is our belief system. For if we are not forcing ourselves on each other, than the worst that can happen is to feel sorry for those that do not believe as you do because they will not go to whatever heaven you believe in. So you can have a healthy debate about it, try and win over as many converts as you can, as long as you remember you are talking to an Earthling who you are going to treat exactly  as you want to be treated while this debate is going on. If we cannot get over the notion that we have to force everyone to believe as we do, we really are doomed. I believe we will eventually grow up, and out of this foolish pride and selfishness. It just bothers me that people who have run for president in the past, and will run in the future, believe as Reverend Graham does, and thinks they need to force people to conform to their way of thinking. All that does is kill people, so I hope that we grow up and mature quickly! I am really tired of educated, but unintelligent people making decisions that affect the lives of all Earthlings! See how that works?

Written by

John Love (Earthling)

  1. James Mahon says:

    The Quran actually says to be tolerant of all other faiths. Interestingly, until the Nation of Israel was founded, Jewish people were better treated in land ruled under the Islamic Faith than in land ruled under the Christian Faith. I also find it interesting that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all started with the same core writings; what is called in the King James Bible, “The Old Testament”. All were added to by the different faiths, but basically they all share the same foundation. Islam also recognizes Jesus as a Prophet (not God on Earth as the Christian Faith teaches) the same as Judaism does, and that there will eventually be a second coming of Christ (not something that Judaism teaches). Incidentally, only the Book of John actually names Christ as God on Earth, all other Books of the Bible do not; they basically name him a Prophet of God, and I personally find it wrong to humanize God!

    In all the faiths a Prophet speaks for and represents God on earth. Wikipedia states:

    “In religion, a prophet is an individual who is claimed to have been
    contacted by the supernatural or the divine, and serves as an
    intermediary with humanity, delivering this newfound knowledge from
    the supernatural entity to other people.”

    As John (Love) points out in his dissertation above, the fanatics of all religions kill in the name of God, and that is basically what Jihad when used as a “Holy War” means. I have been studying all major religions lately to find what they have in common, and strangely the idea of Jihad as Holy War exists in the Old Testament, the foundation that all three aforementioned religions share, not in the later additions that separate Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

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