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Graduated CHS 1968 and entered Boise State fall of same year. Ran out of tuition money early in second semester. False pride would not let me ask for help from Doc Edwards, who later chewed me a new one for not asking. Instead I joined the Marine Corps for four years instead of two, so I could qualify for their Airwing program and schools. Became an avionics electrician.

Spent four years working on EA6A Grumman Electronic Warfare Aircraft.   I spent over two tours in WestPac, and about three years overseas in total. I was the NCOIC of the Avionics shop as a sergeant for most of my Nam time.

I came back from Nam, got spit on at the San Francisco airport, and found out just how unpopular that war really was.  I was restrained by both Army and Navy personnel or a civilian would have suffered some severe chastisement.  I got a little training seminar right there in the airport about how things really were.  

I went to work as a mechanic, knowing nothing at first, but stayed with that business for 30 years as Service Manager, Master Mechanic Certification, Unlimited Smog Tech, and part time instructor of computer and five gas analysis.  Was pretty much a wild child, rode the local endur0 dirt bike circuit for about 15 years, was the crew chief of # 66, a circle jet boat that in five years won the NJBA National Championship four times with second place once.

I always had intended to go back to school but other than trade schools for electronics and automotive computer and drivability schools, so I could get an unlimited Smog License for test and repair in California, I never did.

I met and married my wife Vivian in March of 1976; she calmed the wild child down a bit. We had Kelly the next year, who has been everything a daughter could be.

Vivian retired from AT&T a few years back; Kelly graduated from Cal State at Long Beach with her BA, started teaching and graduated from Cal State Fullerton with her Masters last year. She is teaching students in advanced English and reading, and her specialty, children whose second language is English.  Believe me in So Cal that is a lot of students.

After my first boss retired after 30 years, I was hired as Service Mgr for a group of construction equipment dealerships. I have been there the last 7 years, I like the company, even though the economy has wrecked the construction industry her in So Cal.

Still healthy, still ride 1900 CC’s of chrome and horsepower daily except when it is rainy. I still go in the dirt, but I do it with a 4×4 and camera now. Will probably have to retire this year if the economy doesn’t improve drastically, and that’s it for now!


John Love & Family

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